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Alpine Designs gift to their customers
American Made, and Proud of it

Our founder, Zach Galloway, has been cutting Christmas trees with his family for nearly four decades and it has become his most cherished family tradition.  

Naturally, a man with a chainsaw cuts a tree nearly too large to fit in the house.  When this happens, you learn that there aren't tree stands capable of holding large trees.  Through trial and error, we unfortunately found that small trees didn't fair much better in the flimsy, big-box store tree stands that are so common these days.

Alpine Designs was born out of necessity for a heavy duty Christmas tree stand. After years of R&D, the perfect Christmas tree stand was refined. The unique patent pending design is made of 1/4" thick steel plate and is Made in the USA.


Alpine Designs was created so that we could build the best Christmas tree stands.  Our stands are made to be heirloom equipment that you can pass down to your grandchildren.  We love our country and we love Christmas.  This year, our gift to you is a promise that you're going to love how well you're new Christmas tree stand works!

Alpine Designs Christmas Tree Cutting with Chainsaw
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